Version Update


This page is important for users of WebGestalt before June 1, 2024! A data update will affect your ability to reproduce results generated before June 1, 2024.

Starting June 1, 2024, the WebGestalt 2024 update will be transferred from its previous location of to The previous version, WebGestalt 2019, will be moved to This new update brings new features, such as improved performance and the support for multi-list analyis.


WebGestalt 2024 also features an update to the gene set database in WebGestalt. This will affect the ability to reproduce results generated with WebGestalt 2019. To reproduce results made before June 1, 2024 on, please go to

R Package Users

The WebGestaltR package defaults to using the server. If you would like to keep using the 2019 version, you can use the hostName parameter to set the data version.

WebGestaltR(..., hostName = "")